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Public Safety is Priority

“Our police department and community based organizations are working diligently. However, everyone plays a role in keeping our communities safe."

We are finally having real discussion about the impact of racism on our criminal justice system. However, we must do more than talk. Increased civilian oversight of Chicago’s Police Department is a tremendous step in the right direction. According to the Washington Post in March 2022, Chicago spent more than $500 million dollars on police misconduct claims from 2010 to 2020. This is an indication that Chicago’s issues with police misconduct are systemic. The fact is these are dollars that could contribute to increased hiring for more officers of an already overburdened, overworked police department and could be used to support social services that assist with employment, housing, and behavioral health.

Kirby will use the 6th Ward Alderman’s office to:

  • Fight for greater reforms and accountability

  • Hold regular meeting with the 3rd and 6th precinct commanders

  • Fight to restore more community-based policing

  • Increased mental health and days off for CPD officers


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